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Meditation Workshop


Meditation Workshop

6 hours




The value that meditation brings to the practitioners life can be mysterious at first. What can one possibly get from sitting still and closing their eyes? After trying meditation a few times it seems boring, uncomfortable and a waist of time. It is at this point that most people give up, saying that ‘it is not for them’. So what’s all the hype about then? Millions of people practice meditation everyday and have so for millennia. Some of the most successful personalities in sport, media and business credit meditation as being the key to their success. We know it is good for us but we just don’t get it and don’t make time to do it.

Knowing how to meditate gives you a special kind of super power. With practice you are able to establish a sense of calm no matter where you are or what is going on around you. Cultivation of this super power helps you to observe the ups and downs of life without that turmoil seeping into your body and mind. Regardless of style, meditation is about observing what ‘is’. To see life and all that is in it without reacting to it. Life will continue to unfold with all of it’s triumphs and face splats and you you will handle them with grace and clarity.

Meditation is actually easy. We can all do it Leave this course with an easy to follow regimen that will influence your physical body, your mind and all of your relationships in a positive and constructive way. Goals will be easier to attain and the path to your version of success will become clear.


Course Content

  1. Anatomy of the Mind - What are the components of the mind? Learn to recognize internal landmarks and navigate your way through these turbulent water with ease.
  2. Discover the the purpose of meditation and how it can positively impact your life. 
  3. Practice mindfulness in both seated and walking traditions.
  4. Open forum - ask questions and share insights about our experiences to encourage and inspire each other. 

Hours and Certification

This workshop is a two day, 6 hour intensive and counts as Continuing Education with the American Yoga Alliance for Certified Yoga Teachers seeking to further their studies and accreditations. A certificate will be issued. 


At the end of this short course you will have tools and know how to use them! These skills are at your finger tips now of the rest of your life. Meditation like all of our endeavours takes practice and patience and along the way to establishing peace within we will also create a more peaceful world. By meditating daily we begin to make peace with ourselves. In doing so we become more kind and caring. This attitude of compassion will pour out of you and soon your direct personal environment will also become more peaceful. You are doing your part in our efforts to move towards a more peaceful world. So the beauty queen inside of you that want’s ‘world peace’ is making very real steps to getting us a little closer day by day!


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone that has stress in their lives, is challenged from time to time, has difficult decisions to make, who needs to learn to be kind to themselves or would like to be successful at anything can benefit from this course.

So... EVERYONE!!!! 

What is the workshop about?

This workshop is going to give you reasons to meditate, clear and easy instructions to follow and a forum to practice and discuss the common pitfalls that we may run into along the way to inner peace.


What will this workshop cover?

Types of Meditation:

  • Seated
  • Walking
  • Mindfullness

How to meditate

There are many ways to meditate because there are many different types of people. You yourself will change a lot as the years go by and some days a walking meditation may be better than a seated one. To assimilate and digest these techniques we will practice them together and you will be given a handout that you can refer to to help keep you on track. 

Reasons to Meditate

Meditation helps us in so many ways and so we have many reasons to meditate! Not in any particular order of importance here are some of the ways meditation can help you: manage stress better, find mental clarity, know yourself inside and out, all of your relationships become more harmonious. 


Once we understand the purpose of meditation it becomes easier and more enjoyable. We are exploring the inner world of mind, consciousness and our connection to each other. For most, our inner environments is new territory. Our attention is most often focused on what’s happening outside of us so when we turn our attention inward we can feel somewhat overwhelmed. The purpose of learning these techniques in a group is that you will see the universality of the human condition. We will be able to share our challenges and concerns, ask questions and offer insights. Everyone has doubts, fear and strong emotions that can push the interested meditator off course. Let’s dive into the mind together for mutual support and encouragement.


What does this course do for you?

  • Destress - life can get the better of us sometimes. Having a tool that you can use at any time, anywhere and is free, that can help you reduce the negative effects that stress has on body, relationships and your life as a whole is valuable. 
  • Effectiveness - meditation heightens your ability to concentrate. In todays world with the plethora of stimulation we are bombarded with daily it can be difficult to focus. Train your attention to stay where you put it and you will be far more effective in all that you do.
  • Clarity - our minds can be like hurricanes! So many swirling thoughts, memories, imaginations and emotions! It can be easy to get swept away in the storm of your thoughts and then it is difficult to make good decisions for yourself and the people you love. A steady meditation practice makes it possible to settle the whirlwinds of the mind so that you can see clearly. Decisions are easier to make and the confusion of life makes way for a clearly defined path.
  • Knowing Yourself - to strive for any kind of personal growth or spiritual development we must first know where we are. A meditation practice is time for you to check in with yourself. To orient yourself and where you are from moment to moment. Realizing that you have drifted from your true life’s purpose does not happen while you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Siting and making time for stillness will reveal to you your current mental, emotional and physical states. With this valuable information you can make intelligent decisions about what you need to do and what you need to avoid.
  • A life of Ease - Your life is a reflection of your mind. If you have a messy mind your life will also be complicated and full of strife. Meditators still have crap happen to them! And good things too! There are ups and downs in all of our lives that will continue to flow. The mediator has an advantage because we are aware of the impermanence of thoughts, emotions and circumstances. We spend time observing just how fickle our likes and dislikes are. By watching the mind we control our reactivity to life’s stimuli and create less waves in the way we respond to challenges. Life just gets easier! 


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