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Fascial Fitness Workshop - Yoga Sanctuary, Toronto

March 2 , 2019 | The Yoga Sanctuary | Toronto, Canada


For a 3 hour course on fascial fitness.

YOGA - Fascial Fitness
Activate healthy fascia to boost vitality in both body and mind.

Understanding the role fascia plays in anatomy is an essential step for all mindful based movement therapists.

Next, to your skin, the fascial net is the largest sensory organ in the body. Information is sent through this network of fibres in the way of tension, pressure and vibration. The rate at which this information is transmitted effects our ability to stretch, access our strength, balance and perform co-ordinated movements. Unravelling tension from the tissue that binds all of our moving parts alleviates pain and improves mobility.

Healthy fascia contributes to our ability to process and integrate the chemical residue that remains after spikes in our emotional landscape. Removing congestion from the pool that these molecules of emotion float around in, allows for a more thorough integration of life experiences and grows our willingness to remain present as life unfolds.

Together we will explore three ways to improve fascial health.
Breath, Intention and Asana - three pillars of yoga - directly impact the fascial fabric.
The Ancients sensed this network and designed techniques to improve the overall efficiency of what they called Pranic Passageways or Nadis.

The fascial net is the energetic system that yoga stimulates and facilitates. No wonder we feel so fantastic after a yoga class!

In this three hour workshop, we will learn about the role of fascia in the body and how to support its' regeneration, malleability and efficiency. Expect a combination of theory and direct experience through practice. Everyone welcome - no prior knowledge of anatomy is required.


Handouts will be available.  


Certificates available on request (Hours can count towards continuing education with the Yoga Alliance).

$50.00 Non- Member Pricing

$40.00 Auto Pay Member Pricing