Angela Jervis-Read
A unique approach to teaching the principles of Yoga.


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Yin Yoga & The Deep Front Line Workshop - Toronto

This event takes place at Spirit Loft | Toronto, Canada


When: Saturday, October 28th, 2017
3 pm - 6 pm 

Cost: $50 + HST

The Deep Front Line is a salient chain of muscles and connective tissue (fascia) that emulate the work of a centre pole of a tent. The way tension is distributed along this principle channel influences one's over all posture, balance, graceful coordination and breath patterning. The tissues of the Deep Front Line are also the storage site for our most intimate stories.  A redistribution of tension along this centre line allows for a more thorough integration of pain and sorrow so that we can equalize and return to joy even in the after math of life’s arduous challenges.

In this workshops, we'll explore a playful combination of yin yoga postures, breath work, meditation and pawamuktasan (gentle joint rotations) to develop a greater awareness around this central matrix.

Expanding our awareness into the Deep Front Line can help improve:
• Functional balance
• Coordination
• Overall posture
• Breath efficiency
• Proprioception (your sixth sense)
• Awareness
• Willingness to be present