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Yin Yoga and the The Spiral Line Workshop - Toronto

This event takes place at Spirit Loft | Toronto, Canada


When: Saturday, December 9th, 2017
3 pm - 6 pm 

Cost: $50 + HST

The Spiral Line is a continuous chain of muscles and connective tissue (fascia) that wraps its way around the entire body. How tension is distributed along this longest myofascial line influences your over all posture, balance, coordination and breath capacity. The tissues of the Spiral Line are also the storage site for our potential to equalize after a shocking event. The history of your ability to face challenges are imprinted in these fibres. A recalibration of tension along this spiral net creates a sense of wholeness and grounds the practitioner. Our sense of self-esteem flourishes and a deep sense of belonging blossoms.

In this workshops, we'll explore a playful combination of yin yoga postures, breath work, meditation and pawamuktasan (gentle joint rotations) to develop a greater awareness around this spiral matrix in order to stoke the fire of courage and the grace of compassion.

Expanding our awareness into the Spiral Line can improve:

• Functional balance
• Coordination
• Overall posture
• Breath capacity
• Proprioception (your sixth sense)
• Awareness
• Courage
• Compassion

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