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Mexico Yin Yoga Training - 40 Hours

  • Tailwind Jungle Lodge Tailwind Jungle Lodge Puerto Vallarta Mexico (map)

Join Angela in Mexico for her 40 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course. Hosted at The Tailwind Jungle Lodge, immerse yourself in nature for this life changing course. 

About The Trip

Tailwind Jungle Lodge is a unique retreat centre nestled into the jungle along the Pacific coast of Mexico about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. The hotel is built into the hillside in a discreet way, to initiate a gentle communication with nature.  

We will do yoga, study, dine, share and sleep in the treetops. Enjoy an up close and intimate experience with the creatures of the rainforest.  Classes will be held outside on the yoga deck that has a spectacular view of the Pacific ocean. Delight in vegetarian meals prepared fresh by our very own chef. Tailwind is a laid back small family run business where every guest's individual needs can be accommodated. Gluten free options are available and the kitchen can work around any other special dietary needs that you may have.  

We will be learning a lot of material but rest assured there will be lots of time to enjoy the sand and the surf.  It's a short stroll through the jungle to undeveloped, gorgeous beaches. Tailwind offers sea kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing and hiking to enjoy in between your study and practice times.


Is this course for me?

Understanding the science behind yin yoga compliments many of our unique and diverse backgrounds.  Massage therapists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, life coaches, and yoga teachers are just some of the many healers that can apply the knowledge of yin yoga to expand their understanding of the psychosomatic relationship.

Going away to study in a remote paradise is an ideal back drop to a yin yoga training.  The practice itself allows for deep personal reflection and observation of our internal environment.  Stepping out of your busy life and all of your responsibilities, clears away much of that internal chatter - setting the stage for deep, meaningful and often life changing insights. 

The jungle is alive with energy and the soothing nature of the sea are the perfect accompaniment to this type of self study. 

When stress melts away our body has a chance to heal itself.


Please check out Tailwid Jungle Lodge's website for more information on their resort and activities.

If you start listening to the body, listening to nature, listening to your inner being, you will be more and more happy. Become a good listener to nature.
— Osho


on until February 29th, 2016


Includes: Course, Accommodations and Meals.
Flights must be booked separately. 


$500.00 US non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. Remaining amount is due by February 15.

At this time we only accept payments via PayPal.

Please write your name and email in the "special instructions to seller" when making the deposit.


Thursday 7
7:00-9:00: Yin Yoga Class - Deep Front Line
9:30-10:00: Pranayama and Meditation
10:00-11:00: Brunch
11:30-1:30: Myofascial Trains
1:30-4:00: Free Time
4:00-6:00: Myofascial Trains
6:30-7:30: Dinner
8:00-9:00: Restorative Yoga

Friday 8
7:00-9:00: Yin Yoga Class - Spiral and Lateral Lines
9:30-10:00: Pranayama and Meditation
10:00-11:00: Brunch
11:30-1:30: Silent Jungle Hiking meditation
1:30-4:00: Free Time
4:00-6:00: Comparative Study - Chakras, Meridians, Myofascial Trains
6:30-7:30:  Dinner
8:00: Prepare for practical Exam             

Saturday 9
7:00-9:00: Yin Yoga Class - Front and Back Lines
9:30-10:00: Pranayama and Meditation
10:00-11:00: Brunch
11:30-1:30: Practical Exam
1:30-4:00: Free Time
4:00-6:00: Yin Yoga Jam - Graduation Ceremony
6:30-7:30: Dinner in Town
8:00: Graduation Party

Full curriculum.

Sunday 3
3:00 PM: Check-In
4:30 PM: Yin Yoga Class  
6:30 PM: Dinner
8:00 PM: Yin Theory

Monday 4      
7:00-9:00: Yin Yoga Class - Kidney/Urinary Bladder Sequence
9:00-9:30: Pranayama and Meditation  
10:00-11:00: Brunch
11:30-1:30: Intro to the Anatomy of Fascia and the Abandha Breath
1:30-3:00: Free Time
3:00-6:00: Yin Posture Clinic
6:30-7:30: Dinner
8:00-8:45: Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation)

Tuesday 5
7:00-9:00: Yin Yoga Class - Manipura Chakra
9:00-9:30: Pranayama and Meditation
10:00-11:00: Brunch
11:30-1:30: Yin Posture Clinic
1:30-4:00: Free Time
4:00-6:00: Chakra Theory
6:30-7:30: Dinner
8:00-8:45: Resonance Meditation

Wednesday 6
7:00-9:00: Yin Yoga Class - Liver/Gall Bladder Meridian
9:30-9:30: Pranayama and Meditation
10:00-11:00: Brunch
11:30-1:30: Meridian Theory
1:30-4:00: Free Time
4:00-6:00: Meridian Theory
6:30-7:30: Dinner