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FULL | Advanced Yin Training & Personal Development Program | Toronto

Course Description

We all carry various degrees of trauma that settle into our fascial container. These patterns of holding define our postural shape and influence our mobility, strength, balance, coordination and overall health. Emotional distress that becomes physical tension may lay dormant for years but ultimately it festers, ferments and resurfaces. These emotional toxins often lay at the foot of behavioural patterns that make life more difficult for us.

This course is designed to take you deeper into your own practice in an effort to help liberate you from suffering and ultimately will help you to realize the joy that you are.

Upon graduation you will be certified with 40 Hours of Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training - recognized by the Yoga Alliance as continuing education.

“If you want to learn something study it. If you want to understand something write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” Yogi Bhajan


Class Dates

March 12: 12PM - 5PM
March 13: 12PM - 5PM
April 16: 12PM - 5PM
April 17: 12PM - 5PM
April 23: 12PM - 5PM
April 43: 12PM - 5PM
* classes will be held outside (weather permitting)

Course Price
$1000.00CAD +HST 

Unfortunately this course is fully booked. The next term will begin August 13, 216. Click here to enrol.

Who is the program appropriate for?

Yoga teachers who would like to add a new dimension to their teaching. Learn to take into consideration not just the physical experience but the emotional and mental state of your students when designing sequences

Health care practitioners like psychotherapists, social workers, physiotherapists and chiropractors who would like to make their approach more holistic are also welcome

Curious students who want to investigate their emotional landscape and clear space for peace and joy to circulate within.

Courageous introspection will clear the reflective mirror of your perception opening the door to the possibility of life changing personnel insights both for you and your clients.   


Where is the program held?

This program is offered out of my home in the heart of Toronto. I have chosen to open up my personal practice space to share an environment that is protected and safe.  Groups are capped at three participants to foster an intimate community that supports this type of creative and often vulnerable self-exploration. 

What will we learn?

The spirit of this two month program is Self study (Svadyaya - the fourth Niyama, as told my Master Patanjali). You will be learning about you!

The practice of Yin Yoga, characterized by long and relaxed holds, invites the student to take a deeper look into their mental, emotional and physical state. Gazing inward gives us a perspective that moves beyond the chatter of the mind. Witness the source of your thought patterns that drive your behavior and influence your postural tendencies. Uncovering these psychosomatic connections will help you to develop thoughtful classes and will take your own practice to a new level of awareness and freedom. 

odules to be covered (but not limited to) in this program are:

  • Energetic anatomy
  • The psychology of the chakras from the classical Indian perspective
  • Meridian science as outlined in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Physical Anatomy
  • Myofascial trains as defined by Tom Meyers
  • Yin asana and sequencing 

Classroom exploration will take place over three weekends accompanied by daily home practice and assignment requirements. The home study portion is divided into easy to follow exercises both practical and theoretical, that are to handed in electronically and presented to the group.

You can expect creative teaching tools, thought provoking assignments and peer to peer teaching exercises to guide you along your path.

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