Angela Jervis-Read
A unique approach to teaching the principles of Yoga.


Get Grounded in 10 Minutes

Find a time and place in your home that is quiet.  You only need 10 minutes so you should be able to squeeze this in somewhere!   If you have to you could do this on the floor of your office.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Lie down on the floor and put a little pillow behind your head and if you have it, another pillow behind your knees for a little bend in the legs.

Put your hands on your lower abdomen.

Take a moment now to relax the muscles of the face. (Botox without the chemicals)

Relax your legs, arms and anywhere in the body that you are able to soften.

Notice how you are breathing and begin to breath into your hands.  Slow your breath down, let it deepen.  Feel your hands lift as you breathe in and fall as you exhale.

Listen to the sound of your breath.  If you feel bored, distracted or restless just sit with that feeling.  Look at it.  When you remember your attention will float back to your breath.  Continue on watching thoughts as they present themselves, observing feelings, sensations in the body and the breath.  The timer will go off and if you haven’t fallen asleep, you will feel mentally refreshed, more grounded and you’ll be working from a centered place.  Easy.

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