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Detoxing with Yoga

We spend a lot of time focusing on cleaning our outer bodies.  We take showers, brush our teeth, go for pedicures and perform all kinds of daily rituals to make sure we look our best.  From time to time, it is also important to clean out our insides. Busy lifestyles often lead to unhealthy eating habits and if we don’t make time for exercise our bodies can become congested with toxins. 

Many of us are into detoxing these days. Juice cleanses, fasting, lymphatic drainage and massage therapy are some of the many options you have to help keep your insides healthy.  Practicing yoga can also help to cleanse your body and it works in three different ways.

First, the physical postures stretch the tissues of your body to create space for fluids to flow and toxins are free to move to the appropriate organs of filtration.  Second, the gentle squeezing and releasing of organs, as you move from pose to pose, stimulates the natural filtration process.  Finally, deep, slow and relaxed breathing is part of every yoga class and each breath you take cleanses your body.  

The Sphinx posture, shown here, is a gentle way to apply pressure to the kidneys that are responsible for cleaning our blood.  Every hour your blood is filtered by your kidneys twelve times, that is about two hundred liters of blood a day. By moving the spine into extension, back bending, we massage these organs to help them with their work.

Practice Sphinx Pose in a relaxed way for three minutes and then move to a counter position - Child’s Pose, to release the compression in the lower back. 

Regular yoga practice will help you to look and feel good — both inside and out.

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